Ownership of assets

The new Community Right to Bid will come into force in autumn 2012. It aims to keep valued land and buildings in community use by giving local people the chance to bid to buy them, if and when they come onto the market.

Once in place, you will have the opportunity to nominate public and private land and buildings to be part of a register of ‘assets of community value’. If something on this register is offered for sale, the Right is triggered. You will then have up to six months to prepare a bid and compete to buy it.

Read more on the My Community Rights site.

The Place Station

From Town Halls to Village Halls, Castles to Car parks, community assets can be the cornerstone of a thriving local community. By bringing together assets, ideas and people, The Place Station helps you to transform existing land and buildings into new, vibrant community spaces.

Why not add an asset, idea, or offer to support a local project now, by visiting the Place Station.

Who do I contact in Dudley?

Information about the Right to Bid in Dudley is being developed by Dudley Council. If you have any queries, please contact Donna Roberts, Research and Intelligence Officer at Dudley MBC on 01384 816919 or donna.roberts@dudley.gov.uk.

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